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Passion—born Passion Elizabeth Dare (so named because she was born on Passion Sunday). Passion has auburn hair that she inherited from her mother, but its thick waviness she got from her father. She has large hazel eyes, which she also inherited from her mother. She loves to paint and is an accomplished portraitist, probably most closely in the vein of Franz Winterhalter's later work. In fact, if you would like to look at portraiture and gowns from the period of The Passion Quartet then a good place to start is by searching "images" for Franz Winterhalter.

Passion wears a perfume made from vanilla and orange blossoms. Besides painting, her favorite activities include walking the grounds of Hawkmore House with her husband, sketching her children and visiting with her sisters. Yellow is her favorite color because it reminds her of sunshine.

On her wedding day, Passion wore a gown of rose-colored silk-satin with a scalloped hem. It had a deep pointed bodice with a wide v-neckline trimmed with loosely ruched cream tulle caught up in places with ribbons of rose satin. From beneath, hung a short valence of delicate cream lace. The short, softly puffed sleeves were decorated with the same lace and ribbons. Attached low around her shoulder and then across her breast to her waist, she wore a tightly fitted sash of emerald satin. It was secured at her waist with an emerald and gold pin (a piece from the collection of the Hawkmore Emeralds) comprising the Hawkmore Lion against a field of green and crowned with the escutcheon of the Earls of Langley. The long, widening pieces of the sash crossed each other beneath the pin and hung half way down the length of her skirts on the left side. She wore her beautiful hair parted in the middle and pulled back into an intricately coiled bun held in place with rose ribbons and hairpins tipped with cloisonné flowers. A crown of orange blossoms topped her head and more of the Hawkmore emeralds (necklace and bracelet) finished her wedding ensemble. She wore short kid cloves and carried the small bible that her mother had carried on her wedding day. The wedding cake was flavored with lemon and served with fresh berries.

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