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August, 2018

Dearest Readers,

I’m very happy to announce that I will be releasing the second novella of the Erotic Bedtime Story Series! It is entitled, THE SLIPPER, and is an erotic re-telling of the classic fairytale, CINDERELLA. It will be available for purchase the end of August.

As for PRIMROSE, I will be releasing the third novel of the PASSION QUARTET in late fall. As recompense for the long wait for this book, I’ve added an additional chapter to the excerpt page here on my site. I hope you enjoy it!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has written to me over these last couple of years. It’s been a long and difficult period, yet as I read through all my email, I am reminded of what incredibly kind and supportive readers I have. Despite all my delays, I must have done something very right in my life to deserve all of you. Truly, you are the best and I am so grateful for you. Thank you, thank you! I look forward to giving back to you through my books, which I know is the best way I can. :-)

Lastly, I’ve made some updates to my site. Along with the additional chapter of PRIMROSE, I have also added an Essays page. Here you will find essays on different topics having to do with either my writing or my books. These topics may come from interviews or reader questions, or they could also just be how/why I do things the way I do. In addition, they could also be about something I have learned or something I believe. I hope you enjoy this addition to my site. The new Essay is entitled "It's Never Just Sex." Please feel free to drop me a line if there is an essay you particularly like.

Take care, everyone! It’s lovely to be back!

With love,




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